Van Jones: ‘I don’t know how Biden gets up’ after Iowa caucuses

In the wake of the disaster that was the Iowa Democratic caucus, Former Vice President Joe Biden came out one of the biggest losers.

While everyone talks about the DNC’s failings, Biden fell and he fell hard. Liberal CNN commentator Van Jones observed, “he fell down these stairs, and I don’t know how he gets up.”

Biden, who enjoys the most recognition out of all the candidates, placed 4th in the shockingly bungled contest. The news only gets worse as Biden has everything going in his favor, and he still is failing miserably.

Catastrophic failure

The former Obama adviser commented on Tuesday:

When you see these numbers, and you see Joe Biden, 100% household name recognition probably on five continents, at 15, it does change your view of him. When it was just an idea, well, he might not do well in Iowa, he’ll make it up later on. Now we’re living in the reality of he fell down these stairs, and I don’t know how he gets up.

Biden entered the race leading in Iowa, so the news of a 4th place finish is devastating. Normally a result like that would singlehandedly destroy any chances a candidate may have.

But because of the massive fumbling of the caucus, no one is talking about the subsequently massive shift in power within the race. Mayor Pete Buttigieg also has been denied publicity and momentum in spite of what he has touted as a major win.

Thanks to the controversy, the Biden campaign doesn’t have to deal with headlines blaring “Biden bombs in Iowa,” because all the headlines were devoted to the mass chaos that took over the news on Monday and Tuesday.

Biden has everything going in his favor from national support to name recognition, and it’s still not enough. Finishing behind Warren, Sanders, and Buttigieg is beyond embarrassing.

Finished for good

With the Iowa caucuses behind him, Biden is attempting to salvage his collapsing campaign by appealing to New Hampshire voters ahead of the state’s February 11th primary.

Joe Biden admitted on Wednesday, “I am not going to sugarcoat it, we took a gut punch in Iowa. The whole process took a gut punch.”

“But, look, this isn’t the first time in my life I’ve been knocked down … I’m not going anywhere. And I’m counting on New Hampshire. We’re going to come back.” According to the polls, Biden is currently lagging behind Bernie Sanders in the Granite State.

While fortune seems to favor Biden in many ways, he needs to actually win primaries. Losing in Iowa was huge, he will need to win in New Hampshire if he wants to make a comeback. However, it is more probable that Biden may be finished for good.