Limbaugh awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom; liberal outrage ensues

Rush Limbaugh was just diagnosed with advanced-stage lung cancer. President Trump wanted to acknowledge his lifelong dedication to this country and awarded him the highest honor for a private citizen, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, at the State of the Union address on Tuesday.

However, the medal was not even around Rush’s neck before social media blew up with liberals losing their minds over the decision to bestow such an honor on a conservative icon.


Everyone knows the hatred liberals have for longtime conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, but this is hardly the first time this award has been conferred on a partisan basis, as it is awarded entirely at the sitting president’s discretion.

And, even though Dems do not like Limbaugh, this is something that was well and truly deserved. Limbaugh was instrumental in saving AM radio, and his dedication to this country is unquestionable.

There are few individuals who have been more influential in shaping the ideology of Americans over the last several decades. This does not even account for the millions of dollars and endless efforts on Limbaugh’s part in support of a wide array of charities.

After Limbaugh revealed his diagnosis, and it was announced that he would be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the outpouring of affection from conservatives was overwhelming, and rightfully so.

However, there were probably just as many negative comments hitting social media almost instantaneously, with pure liberal venom making itself grossly apparent.

The backlash

Within minutes of the first lady placing the award around Limbaugh’s neck, the outrage ensued.

One of the more notable personalities to express his disgust and exemplify the mental instability of the far left was actor, director, and liberal activist Rob Reiner. He released a foul-mouthed tweet to convey his thoughts on the subject.

Reiner’s response was bad, but the response of Patton Oswalt was even worse. Oswalt is an actor and comedian known largely for his role on the television series The King of Queens. His response was nothing short of sickening.

Both responses were typical of not only hard-line liberal commentators but also of some our nation’s elected representatives. For instance, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) attacked Limbaugh upon his receipt of the honor, saying that Limbaugh is a “virulent racist” and that the presentation of the medal at the State of the Union address was nothing more than a “disingenuous Oprah moment.”

It just makes you wonder whether the polarized political climate of this country has completely destroyed the values of civility and compassion, or if any hope of restoration remains.